In writing, special characters are very useful to express more than just simple words,

in this article you will learn all about special characters and how to use them.

Special characters are either written in ASCII Code or Unicode.


ASCII is actually the numerical representation of a character.
ASCII Codes range from 0 – 127 and Extended ASCII Codes from 128 – 255 .
You can see complete ASCII Table at


You should have a numeric keypad in your keyboard otherwise it will not work, however most of laptops that do not have number pad will turn 7,8,9,U,I,O,J,K,L, and M keys into working numeric keypad on pressing Function key and Numberlock key together [Fn + NumLk]


To use ASCII codes Press and Hold “Alt” key and while pressing it, type any code such as “19” and after typing the code release “Alt” key and you will get the special character that is “” in this case. As you will see in table ASCII along with special characters can also be used for all the characters on keyboard for example [Alt + 65] for ‘A‘.

One funny thing is that if you hold “Alt” and press “8” key eight times it will return with “8” how cool is that?

Non-Breaking Space:

Non-Breaking Space or nbsp is a special character that is similar to space but it is used to create
blank space where simple space do not work. Its code for windows is [Alt + 255].

Similar nbsp can be written in Facebook with a different code that is [Alt + 0173] it is used to create blank post, blank comment or blank message in Facebook…. Yeah!



Unicode is used for representing text that is commonly usend is different writing systems. Along with all the characters in ASCII, Unicode can also be use to write characters or scripts of other languages.


You will need Microsoft Office or Wordpad.
A suitable Font is also required for typing particular Unicode.


Open up document processor such as Wordpad, Select the suitable Font.
Type any unicode such as “062A” and after typing it press “Alt” and “X” together it will return with “ت” in this case. you can also highlight pre-written code and then press [Alt + X]

Again it can also be used to type all characters on your keyboard for example Unicode “1D2C” for ‘A‘.

To know Unicode for any character from Character Map already given in windows. You can open it by searching “Character Map” or by typing “charmap” in Run.

In Arabic Script I can type my name تابش

by using these Unicodes in same sequence one after another:
062A  (for ت)
0627  (for ا)
0628  (for ب)
0634  (for ش)

The most useful Arabic Unicodes are:

Arabic Unicodes Image

You can see the list of Arabic script in Unicode here.

Unicode in HTML:

Unicode is also used in HTML and there is different HTML code for each Unicode for example ت for “ت“.
You can find HTML code for any unicode and for that,
1) Go to:
2) Type Unicode such as 062A in first (green) box
3) Click on “Hex code points” button given above the box
4) The Decimal NCRs will appear below as ت (in this case) you can use that in HTML

Copy Paste Special Characters:

If you are in little hurry and just want to copy and paste special characters then,

Go to: and click on your desired special character to copy and paste it wherever you want.

And in case if you have copied any character and want to know about its  Unicode or HTML code,

Go to: , paste the character and click on convert and you will get its Unicode in “Hexadecimal code points”  and HTML code in “Decimal NCRs”


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