It happen Most of the time that when You try to Upload and share Movies or Music or any other Copyrighted material

the file will be deleted very soon and some times your account is also banned.

Picture showing Deleted Copyrighted File

Picture Showing Banned Mediafire account due to Copyrighted material

In order to prevent this from happening you can try These tricks:

Trick 1: Rename File to give an Unrecognizable Name.

The way using which most of the file hosting sites is they convert file name into hash codes and then match these hash codes to that of Copyrighted material if the codes matches the file gets deleted.

So if we use an unrecognizable name for a copyrighted file It will remain undeleted Here’s How:

For example if I upload

“National Geographic Fight Science: Mixed Martial Arts”

I will rename the file to F.S.M.MA and this way no file hosting site can recognize my file as a copyrighted material.


You can also use creative tools for renaming your files for example you can use tool like to make F.S.MMA to ɐɯɯ˙s˙ɟ

File without Name:

and you can also upload a file without any name to make such file rename file and press “ALT” and while pressing “ALT” type “255” the file will become without any name and to make more such files in the same folder do the same for second file but this time after releasing ” “ALT” press it again and again type “255” to make two spaces.


Trick 2: Split File into parts

To make a copyrighted file more secure we can do a step further and that is to split File into small parts and it can be done by many ways using many software but the most perfect software is none but WinRAR .

Split the renamed file into parts and during this process you can also set a password but that not a good way to share File unless its a private file or something personal. If file is too large then split it to parts each of 200MB.

Picture showing an old undeleted copyrighted file
An old undeleted copyrighted file

Trick 3: Upload files to Multiple Sites at once

And Last but not least Trick to share a copyrighted File is to upload files to multiple sites.

There are many tools available online which allows you to upload your file to many sites at once without spending your time or data.

You just have to upload your file on one site and it uploads your file on many sites for you.

One of the best such service is


That’s it enjoy! and leave your comments below.

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