We all know that there are two different ways of sharing and downloading files online, that are Torrents and Direct Downloads. Torrents are usually downloaded through torrent client like BitTorrent on the other hand in Direct Downloads files can be downloaded with browser or any download manager like Internet Download Manager (IDM).

How Torrent Download Works:

Downloading torrent works on a P2P (peer-to-peer) mechanism in which file is first downloaded from one PC to others and later all Downloaders (leechers) also become Uploaders (seeders) creating a network resulting in increased seeding ratio of torrent. In this way downloading becomes De-centralized and torrent client collects small bits of file from all other seeders making download faster.

Torrent vs Direct Download:

Torrents and Direct Downloads are very different from each other. Torrents have some advantages over Direct Downloads.

Picture showing difference between torrent download and direct download.
Torrents vs Direct Downloads

Direct Downloads can create problem if file is too large and there are many downloaders at the same time. In that case the maximum speed coming from a single web-server is divided among all downloaders resulting in slow speed. On the other hand Torrent client collects small bits of file from all peers resulting in maximum speed of downloading.

But….. (Problem)

there are also certain disadvantages of Torrents. If there are less seeders and low seeding ration, Torrents will be giving very low downloading speed. making it impossible to download for those having slow internet connection. Also there’re security risks of P2P Traffic.


Most of us don’t have fast internet connection with enough bandwidth to download torrent real quick even if it has less seeders. But we can convert Torrent to Direct Download which will give us maximum speed of our bandwidth. Or else if it is media related torrent we can stream online and save disk space. we’ll also talk about remotely upload torrents to file hosting sites.

Cloud Client Downloader:

Cloud client downloader helps to download torrents at maximum speed, store in their cloud for some time and also to stream online. That way you don’t need to worry about your slow connection. Either you can stream online or you can download it with your IDM at maximum downloading speed of your bandwidth.

Image showing Cloud client downloader
Cloud Client Downloader MyFastFile.Com

Here’s my list of top cloud client  downloaders:

1. 2giga.link

2. Zbigz.Com

3. Filestream.Me

4. ByteBX.Com

5. Fuge.It

6. Putdrive.Com

7. Put.Io

8. Boxopus.Com

9. Bitport.Io

10. MyFastFile.Com

11. Offcloud.Com

12. Seedr.Cc

13. Hiperdown.Com

All of them have Premium option for unlimited download.

Transfer Torrents to Cloud Storage:

Mostly cloud client downloaded files are stored in their own cloud temporarily and are not shareable. But you can also store them remotely (pretty quick) to your own cloud storage like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive etc. That way not only you can access files whenever you what but also share it with others and it also helps to save disk and bandwidth. To transfer file from cloud client downloader to cloud storage here’re my favorite websites:

1. Ballloon.Com

2. Thoaimedia.Com/save/

image showing File Transferring Site balloom
File Transferring Site ballloom

You simply need to paste file’s direct link to start transferring it. there’s no size limit for it.

Upload Torrent to File Sharing Websites:

Cloud storage services have storage limit for free users. There’s 2 GB limit for Dropbox and 15 GB limit for both Google Drive and OneDrive. But there are many file sharing websites that do not have any storage limit such as RapidGator, 4Shared, Uploading etc. The files there are more easily shareable than cloud storage sites. So here’s how we can remotely upload files from cloud client downloader to multiple file sharing websites at once (mirroring). Though there are many websites for that but the best that I have found is called UploadMagnet.Com

image of UploadMagnet.com

On “My Account” tab put your credentials for different file sharing sites and then click on Red Button that says Remote Upload, select multiple file sharing sites and start mirroring. It is more favorable to upload files have size less than 1 GB. It will upload files very fast and after uploading you can also manage your files and rename to avoid copyright.

Go4Up.Com is a similar website.

Video Tutorial:



That’s it!

For those having less bandwidth this method can save much time, disk space and bandwidth. and if you share softwares or movies on your website then this trick can make life easy.

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