If you have purchased a domain name, then you have probably noticed that they also offer an email service. But sending and receiving emails using that email service is poorly managed and usually have rough user interface that you don’t easily get used to. And above all it’s not free you have to pay each month to buy an account with extra space for your professional custom email address.

On the other hand you can use G Suit google apps for business to get professional email for your own domain name and use it with none other than gmail. Although it sounds pretty awesome but still there’s a price to pay each month to go with G Suit and obviously it’s a premium service. However, luckily there’s a method which we can use to combine email forwarding and gmail together and create a custom email address absolutely free.

Here’s the step by step method to create your own professional custom email address for free:

Step 1. First of all create a forwarding email address. This step may differ depending upon the service you are using. For AlpNames, Go to ‘ Manage Email ‘ from domain management page, then click on ‘ Add Forward Only Account ‘. ( you may see some other similar option depending on your registrar)


Manage Email


Add Forward Only Account



Create your desired custom email address and forward it to your gmail email address and click on ‘ Add Account ‘.


Forwarding email to Gmail



Step 2. Then create an app password for gmail. Enable 2-Step Verification from your Google account security settings and then go to ‘ App Passwords ‘.


Enabling 2-Step Verification


App Passwords



Click on ‘ Select app ‘ drop-down menu and select ‘ Other (Customized name) ‘ option, then give it a name and click on ‘ Generate ‘ button.


Select app drop-down menu


Selecting Other (Customized name)


Generating app password



Copy the app password, this will be needed while adding email address to Gmail.


Copy app password



Step 3. Add new email address to gmail. Go to your gmail settings and under ‘ Accounts and Import ‘ section, click on ‘ Add another email address ‘.


Adding new email address to gmail



Type the name of your choice and the forwarding email address that we just created. Leave the box next to ‘ Treat as an alias ‘ checked, then click on ‘ Next Step ‘.


Adding new email address to gmail



You don’t have to know SMTP Server address for your domain name. Simply type SMTP Server address of Gmail which is as given in image below, for username type your Gmail email address and paste the app password that was generated, in the password field. Make sure to select 587 for ‘ Port ‘ and select secured connection using TLS option, then click on Add Account.


SMTP Server settings



In the next window it will ask you to verify your new email address.


Window asking to verify



Check out your Gmail inbox for verification email there you’ll see confirmation code. Paste the confirmation code upon clicking on ‘ Verify ‘ button the new email address will be added to your Gmail account.


Verification email with confirmation code


Completing verification



You can also make this email address as default address from ‘ Accounts and Import ‘ settings to always send emails using it.


making new email address as default address


Settings are saved



That’s it! now you can give it a try, send and receive emails using your professional custom email address.


Sending email with new custom email address


Email received, sending reply back to it


Reply received



Now you have a free email address that looks professional and it is easy to manage as well, thanks to Gmail.

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