People now a day have access to many online services and using them as a part of their lives everyone now is using social media of all kind including Facebook, twitter, Google plus and YouTube, it is considered that if a person doesn’t use Facebook he doesn’t exist…

People are also using these services for many other purposes but there are some limitations in these services and to break these limitations people want multiple accounts and most of these multiple accounts are created by emails and most of the people don’t have more than one email.

So this is a short and comprehensive guide on email tricks which will help you to create unlimited accounts of any service available online.


Creating Multiple Accounts 101


Trick 1: Using Disposable Emails

Most of the online services Just need email confirmation and it is easiest to create multiple accounts by using Disposable Emails

You can use Disposable Email services without sign up, Create unique email addresses. There are many Disposable Email services online My favorite are Mailinator and  Fake Mail Generator


Trick 2: Using Single Gmail Account

This trick might Surprise you but some people want to organize or Manage Multiple accounts of different services  using just a single gmail account they have

So yes it is possible Here’s How

If you have an email address like

then apparently you can create a single account of any service for example Twitter or in other words you can register just once but actually you can register to any service unlimited times with just a single email address because you have unlimited versions of your single email address by putting dots or any other symbol such as…

All Addresses above are completely different for  Online services like Twitter, Facebook or anything  But These are the same for Google because Gmail eliminates all Dots or other symbols

Here is an Example:

Picture showing two twitter accounts verified with a single Gmail account.

Description: I have Registered Two Twitter Accounts with a Single Gmail Account of course Twitter needs Phone verification and VPN which I will cover later.


Trick 3: use of “+” Plus Sign in Gmail

Using of plus sign is very useful feature in Gmail for managing emails from different services.

For Example: If your signing up on amazon instead of putting

you can use

after that whenever you will receive an email from amazon you can easily recognize and also you can make a separate tag for all emails coming from amazon.

Another benefit is that when you share your email on some online services you start getting SPAM emails So by using plus sign you can easily recognize that from which service your email address has been shared with SPAM mailer.


Trick 4: Credit Card Numbers for Trail Accounts

Some Services Need Credit Cards In order to create their accounts and they also have Trail accounts for testing their services but Trail accounts also need Credit Cards.

Most of their multiple accounts can be made by combining above tricks with a credit card number generator I have tested some services an it works very well.

You can get Free Credit Cards Numbers at they also have Mobile App


Trick 5: Fake Identity

Fake Name Generator is very famous for filling up fake Information During Surveys But it also useful While creating Multiple accounts  because You need to fill up the personal information and most of services need USA based information.


Trick 6: Phone Verified Accounts

This is the best barrier between creating Multiple accounts that you have to verify accounts using your Phone Number Either using SMS verification such as twitter or Facebook verification or Voice verification such YouTube or Craigslist Verification and for the first time on Internet I have come up with  a Complete Guide on Creating USA Phone Numbers Free and by Using these Numbers you can create any Phone Verified Account by name Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, CRAIGSLIST, and much more almost any

Conclution: By combining Phone Number Guide and above Tricks You can create FREE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS OF ANY SERVICE AVAILABLE ONLINE


Trick 7: Virtual Private Networks

Proxies are tremendously used these days for uncountable purposes to change IP addresses  But proxies and socks are not very stable therefore many people use VPN Softwares for better functionality among VPNs the best free ones are SpotFlux, HotSpot Shield, TunnalBear, CyberGhost and they also have premium VPNs But the best paid VPN I have Found is HMA Pro VPN

So In making Multiple Accounts of any Service It is most important to use these VPNs


Trick 8: Email Spoofing

While Writing this post I have Listed this last trick because I thought that it is associated with “Email”

Email Spoofing means that you send an Email to any person with an Email address that you don’t own…

Here is an example:

Sending Email with fake email address:

Picture of sending an email with someone others email address


Email Successfully received:

Picture of receiving Spoofed Email



Opening Email:

Picture of opening Spoofed Email



Gmail and other Email services Now recognizes Email spoofing and many times marks as a spam if email address is too unusual. But there are many other Email spoofing services which can avoid being spammed.

The reason I am telling this trick is that You should not trust any Email address which is asking for your personal Information or of asking to download anything because most of these downloads contain viruses or Spywares which steal your Personal Data.

These days even mobile numbers are being spoofed and compared to that Email spoofing is far behind…







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