Email addresses are awesome, especially the ones related to your website. When it comes to creating an email address for your domain name, there are two options to choose from.

First one is to create a separate email address with its own DNS settings and MX record. The emails are usually sent and received using webmail application. And each email address has separate login credentials and inbox. It works great, but its a little bit difficult to access and manage emails.

The other option is to create forwarders and receive emails right into your gmail inbox. Its a quick and easy way to manage all your emails in a single inbox you can create multiple email forwarders for example:


And forward all of them to your gmail inbox. I know you might be thinking, “Okay, I can receive emails to my gmail inbox. But what about sending an email from” The answer is ‘Yes’ you can do it. You can set up your gmail account to send emails from the custom email address of your domain name. So its a two-way thing.

Creating Email Forwarder

Setting up email forwarder is easy. You can create email forwarder either using cPanel of web hosting or through your domain management page. For this tutorial I am using free web hosting accounts provided by x10hosting and 000webhost, and AlpNames for domain manager. Here’s the steps for each of them:

X10Hosting – Login to your x10hosting account.

  • Click on ‘Open cPanel’ Button.

  • Click on ‘Manage Email’.

  • Then click on ‘Forwarding’ button from bottom right corner.

  • Then click on ‘+ Add Email Account Forwarder’ button.

  • Click on x10hosting’s sub-domain and from the drop down menu select your domain name.

  • Type your desired name for custom email address and add your gmail address for forwarding. Then click on    ‘+ Create Forwarder’ button.

  • The forwarder is created. You can add more than one forwarders.


000Webhost – Login to your 000webhost account.

  • Click on ‘Manage Website’.

  • In ‘Manage emails’ tab, click on ‘Create’ button.

  • Type the name that you want, select your domain name from drop down and add your gmail address for forwarding. then click on ‘Create’ button.

  • You can create up to 5 email forwarders.


AlpNames – Login to your alpnames account.

  • Click on ‘List/Search Orders’ under ‘Manage Orders’ drop down menu.

  • Then click on your domain name to open domain management page.

  • Then scroll down to the ‘Email’ section. And click on ‘Manage Email’.

  • Then click on ‘Add Forward Only Account’ link.

  • Type the name that you want, add you gmail inbox address and click on ‘Add Account’ button.

  • The forwarder is created. You can add as many forwarders as you want.


And That’s it! these are some of the services that I personally use. If you are using any other web hosting or domain registrar, they may have slightly different options but you can figure it out yourself, just look for the forwarder option in email section of your service.

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