We all know that some websites force to disable the AdBlock the only tool that makes internet experience pleasant by blocking annoying ads. Here’s step by step method to bypass AdBlock detection.

Step 1 (installing tools):

Download Tampermonkey browser extension from here.

Download AdBlock browser extension (if you don’t have already) from here.


Step 2 (installing Anti-Adblock Killer script):

Go here:  https://gist.github.com/reek/dc234ea9687056bd99fe and click on ‘Raw’ button.

Aak Script

Then click on ‘Install’ button in Tampermonkey.

aak script2

Step 3 (installing filter lists):

Go here:  https://reek.github.io/anti-adblock-killer/#filterlist and click on ‘Subscribe’ button and then ‘OK’ button.

Subscribe list


Now go here: https://gist.github.com/reek/292ed06433b4cfc07bc94cb4fec4adbe

Right click on ‘Raw’ button an copy link address.


Then go to ‘Options’ tab of Adblock tool


And paste the link address in ‘Custom Filter Lists’ in FILTER LISTS tab.


Then click on ‘Subscribe’ button.


That’s it! now you can bypass adblock detection on most of the websites.

Bonus Tip:

Websites like hindustantimes and timesofindia keep updating their adblock detection therefor to bypass it we need to add filters in AdBlock tool manually here’s how to do it. 1. Copy these filters:


2. Go to AdBlock ‘Options’ and under ‘CUSTOMIZE’ click on ‘Edit’ button then paste these filters and yeah Don’t forget to save!


Note: Websites keep changing there adblock detection methods and therefore, there might still be some websites detecting adblock, but anti-adblock killer script will be updating time to time as per requirement.

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