E books are extremely portable and easily readable on many devices such as a PC, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart TV and many Other Devices.

E books can be zoomed they can be transferred easily and posses many other great functionalities and because of these functionalities people want to convert their favorite books into eBooks so that they can easily readable and carry able  so Here is the easiest method to

Convert Physical Book into an eBook

Required Tools
  • Digital Camera
  • PC or Laptop

No scanner or printer is required


Step 1

Take clear pictures of each page of the book Pictures should be clear and pages should be plan and Flat like this



Pages should not be curved because pictures of curved pages when converted into text may contain some typing errors



Pages which contain images, it is better to remove images before converting into text and for removing images you can use any software like simple Paint or online editor like Pixlr


Step 2

When you have all images the next step is to covert these images into text using online optical character recognition or OCR The best online OCR is onlineocr.net

it is easy to use OCR just upload images of pages and click convert signup to get text format files after signup you will get free 25 pages you can buy more pages or create multiple accounts using Email tricks


Step 3

After converting all images of pages of the book into text now you can create a PDF Document out of it and for that you can use openoffice.org

Now put all the headings and text of each page one by one and the pages from which images were removed the images can now be added by cropping them and importing into openoffice

after putting all texts and images increase the font size as needed and re-size images to fit in place.

add cover image and create linked index

Step 4

After all above steps the Book will be ready to export as PDF and completely converted to eBook.


Video Tutorial:

Watch on YouTubehttp://youtu.be/9N1V7RTbtqw


That’s it!






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