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There are many a websites these days forcing us to disable one of our beloved tool that is Adblock or Adblock Plus that makes internet surfing experience much better by removing annoying and sometimes horrifying ads such as pop up or pop under ads.

In this video tutorial I have explained different ways to bypass adBlock detection on almost all websites on internet:

 Install Anti-Adblock Killer:


By using anti-adblock killer script shown in above video tutorial, ads will be blocked on more than 99% of websites that ask to disable the adblock tool. But there are still some websites that are using different methods to detect adblocker, some of these websites are amarujala, businesstoday,, indiatoday and others. And to deal with such websites, previously, we used some extra filters added manually in adblock tool as you can see in one example shown in image below.

Picture of Adding Filter Manually in Adblock
Old method to add filters manually.

But recently there’s a temporary fix list available so that you don’t have to add filters manually for different websites. it is a temporary list and will be included in next coming update. Here’s How to install it.

 STEP 1:

Go here:

and click on ‘Raw’ button.

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Then click on ‘Reinstall’ button in Tampermonkey.

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Now go here:

Right click on ‘Raw’ button an copy link address.

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Then go to ‘Options’ tab of Adblock tool and click on  ‘Add filter subscription’ button.

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Select ‘Add a different subscription’ option.

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Give the ‘Subscription title:’ as AakList (Temporary). Paste the copied link address in ‘Filter list location:’ and click on ‘Add’ button.

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That’s it! close all tabs and go wherever you want, your internet is ads free now.




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Note: Websites keep changing there adblock detection methods and therefore still there might be some websites detecting adblock, but don’t worry the anti-adblock killer script will be updating time to time as per requirement, so please comment below about those websites that are detecting Adblock even after implementing all scripts.

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